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My name is David Kenzie an avid fish lover for as Long as I can remember. I started Raising Healthy Koi Fish.com as a free resource for others who wish to explore the Koi hobby and get the most out of caring for these awesome fish.

Here on my website, you’ll find a number of resources to help you learn more about starting and maintaining a Koi pond, from how to buy Koi, to setting up your pond, to tackling maintenance, to breeding your fish and much more.

I have put together a free step by step mini course to help you get started quickly with keeping Koi fish. It will teach you all of the essentials on purchasing, keeping and breeding Koi of all varieties.

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Where Koi come from and why they  don’t fight

The importance of a quarantine tank and when to use one

Tips for setting up a beautiful pond that your Koi will love and be the envy of all your friends!

A step-by-step guide to maintaining perfect water conditions in your tank – this is the most important part of keeping your Koi healthy and happy!

All about Koi diseases – how to tell if your Koi is sick, which illness he has, and how to cure him!

The step-by-step process for breeding your Koi

A list of the best medications available for curing koi illnesses, and where to find them

Much, much more!

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